Admission Process

Beginning your child's international education

We aim to make the admissions process as simple, straightforward and stress-free as it can be. Every prospective GEMS student is admitted in line with the Ministry of Education Malaysia regulations and the GEMS Education admission policies. 

When considering your child for a place at the GEMS International School at Tropicana Metropark we will interview both you and your young learner. There will also be an age-appropriate placement test for your child to sit, to make sure we fit them into the right level of education.

Our step-by-step registration process

  1. Download the form here: GEMS – Application For Admission Form-2017
  2. The next step is to pay a one-off registration and admission fee of RM 5,000, details of which will be provided in the email. This fee is non-refundable, non-transferrable and non-deductible, and covers the cost of administering your application. To proceed with the application you must pay the registration and admission fee and submit the following documents:
    • Admission form, completed and signed
    • 2 recent passport-sized photos of the child
    • 1 recent passport-sized photo of each parent/carer
    • 1 copy of each parents’ IC or passport (photo page and visa page)
    • 1 copy of the child’s birth certificate
    • 1 copy of the child’s MyKid/MyKad
    • 1 copy of the child’s current school report
    • 1 copy of vaccination records and all health records
    • 1 copy of any reports regarding your child (i.e. schooling, etc.)
Please note: a completed application submission does not guarantee your child a place at our school.

Terms and conditions

Once your initial enquiry has been submitted, our school registrar will be happy to help you complete all the relevant paperwork relating to your registration. And of course, the GEMS International School, Tropicana Metropark, considers all applications equally, regardless of your child’s ethnicity, nationality, gender or religion.

Age requirements

To meet the requirements of the admission policy at GEMS International School, Tropicana Metropark, your child must have reached the age listed next to the grade level by 1st September.

Year Age Year Age Year Age
FS1 Nursery 3 Year 4 8 Year 9 13
FS2 Reception 4 Year 5 9 Year 10 14
Year 1 5 Year 6 10 Year 11 15
Year 2 6 Year 7 11 Year 12 16
Year 3 7 Year 8 12 Year 13 17


Grade placement

At GEMS International School, Tropicana Metropark, we always endeavour to place your child in the most appropriate grade for their age and academic, emotional and social development. For this reason, your child may be asked to complete an appropriate assessment to determine the best fit.

Click here to view Academic Year Grade Placement for September 2018/2019

Previous schooling

Before your child can be offered a place at GEMS International School, Tropicana Metropark, we must see official documentation (in English) from all their previous schools, including report cards and test scores. If necessary, we will request a translation from the consulate in the country of their previous school to meet our admission guidelines. Do contact us or visit our school should you require any assistance.


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