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They say “It takes a village to raise a child” and, at GEMS International School, Tropicana Metropark; we completely agree.

From teachers to support staff, we’re here to help students flourish. But we couldn’t do it alone. So, let’s get to know each other a little better!

At GEMS, we are redefining the standards of international education.  For our educators, it’s simply the result of the GEMS education programme and a unique model for personal growth which is designed to guide every child to realise their potential and to equip them with the skills required for 21st century learning; that increasingly goes beyond just textbook curriculum

Simon O’Grady-photo

Simon O’Grady


Qualification: BSc Economics, MA British Politics, MSc Educational Leadership

Simon has an international reputation for leading an outstanding school, with over 15 years senior management experience. He is an advocate ofhigh performance learning, a belief that all children are capable of great things, and he believes in holistic education. Simon is an experienced Team Inspector with the Independent Schools’ Inspectorate, with a focus on high quality learning. He is committed to the health and fitness of all members of school.

Craig Lewis-photo

Craig Lewis

Vice-Principal, Head of Primary

Qualification: BA Education

Craig is a highly capable and experienced senior leader, having had management roles in India, Taiwan, the UAE and England. As Primary Principal at The British School, New Delhi, he has led an outstanding school, creating a state of the art learning experience in EYFS, KS1 and KS2. He led two new school building developments and an expansion from 500 students to 1170. Craig has a background in sports education and has achieved high level success in a range of sports. He has a keen interest in outdoor education, as an outward bound coordinator, and a personal passion for rugby and sailing.


Harry Zarrabi-photo

Harry Zarrabi

Primary Class Teacher

Qualification: MBA, TESOL, PGCE, MEd (current)

As an experienced KS2 teacher, having worked in Malaysia and New Zealand, Harry is an innovative and creative educator who has a keen interest in impactful pedagogy.

Rachel Wright-photo

Rachel Wright

Primary Class Teacher

Qualification: BA Anthropology, BA in Political Science, MA Education

Rachel is an experienced teacher, having worked in Malaysia and Mexico, and with commercial experience in the USA. A strong background in English and ESL, Rachel has had great success in developing creative writing and critical thinking skills. She enjoys seeing her pupils make progress and achieve their individual goals with confidence. She takes great care to tailor her lessons to the needs of her learners, and she is midway through a master’s degree in education.

Mollie Short-photo

Mollie Short

Early Years Foundation Stage

Qualification: BA in Primary Education, QTS

Mollie is a primary class teacher with an early years specialisation. She has worked in nursery (FS1) and reception (FS2) and enjoys seeing the incredible progress that her pupils make with her. Trained in developing literacy and numeracy skills with primary pupils, Mollie is focused on developing reflective young learners. She is passionate about outdoor education and has led work in supporting the Forest School movement.

Fadlini Olivero James Zainal-photo

Fadlini Olivero James Zainal

Early Years Teacher

Qualification: B.Ed Early Childhood Education, Dip. Civil Engineering

Fadlini has experience working at several international school settings. She strongly believes that every child deserves the right to play because that is how they naturally learn and make sense of the world. Fadlini prefers to create an active, open-ended learning environment where the children have the opportunity to construct their own knowledge. She is a member of Malaysia Association for Professional Early Childhood Educators.

Jaclyn Tan Ying Ying-photo

Jaclyn Tan Ying Ying

Subject Specialist Teacher

Qualification: BCom, Dip. Music, Cambridge Int. Dip. Teaching and Learning

Jaclyn started her career in music education, in performing arts and music school, moving on to teaching in international schools later on.

In our school, Jaclyn uses her expertise, experience and enthusiasm in music widely in her lessons. This has been particularly successful in the teaching of Mandarin to children who speak the language at home as well as to those who are learning it as a foreign language. “With passion and proper guidance, anything can be done” is a principle Jaclyn holds dear of which drives her strong motivation to teach.

Malcolm Price-photo

Malcolm Price

Primary Class Teacher

Qualification: Bachelor of Education, Advanced Diploma in Education

A very experienced primary teacher of 25 years, Malcolm has worked in the UK and internationally. He has held senior leadership positions in three schools, including Head of Primary, and has significant experience across the junior key stages. Malcolm is a keen sportsman, with an interest in orienteering.

Khuram Zaman-photo

Khuram Zaman

Secondary Maths Teacher

Qualification: BSc Mathematical Economics, MSc Finance, PGCE

Khuram is an inspirational teacher of maths with extended experience of working in Dubai and the United Kingdom. He has a keen interest in mathematical education, specifically flipped learning practices, and loves to gives children abstract problems that gets them to think creatively. Khuram is an active sportsman, a keen runner and cyclist.

Angela Fisher-photo

Angela Fisher

Deputy Head of Academics for Secondary, Secondary Science Teacher

Qualification: BSc Science (Biology), MA Education Leadership (current)

Angela is an experienced teacher, inspector and examiner. She has worked in schools in Qatar, Kenya and the UK, with experience as a Head of Science and Cambridge International Examinations.

Angela is an international educator who has organised student exchanges in China and South Africa. She is a highly motivated educator with a passion for science. She leads by example within and beyond the classroom.

Simon Armitt-photo

Simon Armitt

Teacher of PE and Sports

Qualification: BSc. Sports Exercise, Science & Physiology, MSc in Sport Management, PGCE

Simon is a highly experienced Head of Sport and PE having worked in Europe, African and SE Asia, in independent and international schools.

He is a qualified coach in over 25 activities and sports. He holds accredited sports coaching awards in Athletics, Basketball, Canoeing & Kayaking, Cricket , Dance, Fitness, Football , Gymnastics, Hockey, Netball, Rugby Union, Sailing, Scuba Diving, Swimming, Tennis and Volleyball. Simon is also an Award leader for DoE (Duke of Edinburgh) international.

His remit is to create an outstanding sports department with an emphasis on participation and performance.

Royston Fisher-photo

Royston Fisher

Head of Key Stage 3, Teacher of Humanities

Qualification: BA History & RS, PGCE

With 15 years teaching in the UK, Africa and the Middle East, Royston is an experienced Head of Humanities and Head of History. He is passionate about his subject which he teaches to A-level. Royston is an experience sixth form tutor and knowledgeable univeristy counsellor. He is an accredited PADI open water diver, keen walker and cyclist.

David Spencer-photo

David Spencer

Teacher of Music

Qualification: BA Music, MA Music, PGCE

David is a highly qualified musician and inspirational teacher of music. Experienced as Head of Music in the UK and Malaysia, David is trained to use both Dalcroze and Kodaly methods of music making. He will be managing an ambitious programme in GEMS Metropark of particiapation and performance, with a network of peripatetic musicians for brass, strings, woodwind and percussion.

Adrienna Gomez Spencer-photo

Adrienna Gomez Spencer

Primary Class Teacher

Qualification: Bachelor of Education specialising in ESL

Adrienna is a bright and progressive primary class teacher with 8 years of teaching experience in international schools in Malaysia. A Dean’s Award winner, Adrienna is passionate about international education and its impact.

Hayley Martin-photo

Hayley Martin

Primary Class Teacher

Qualification: BA Primary Education (QTS)

Hayley is a vibrant and inspiring educator. She has experience of teaching in primary schools in the UK, with a recent focus on science coordination. Hayley believes in maintaining a broad and active lifestyle and she has a keen interview in fitness and hiking.

Brian Reid-photo

Brian Reid

Secondary School English Teacher

Qualification: MA English & History, PGCE

Brian is a highly experienced teacher of English, having worked in international schools in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, most recently as Head of English. He is a passionate exponent of breadth in education and is an International Award Leader.

Sonia O’Grady-photo

Sonia O’Grady

Teacher of French

Qualification: BSc Education, PGCE, MBA (current)

A highly talented and experienced native Teacher of French, Sonia has worked in two outstanding international schools, in Brussels and Cairo. She will be aligning standards across the ambitious languages programme at GEMS Tropicana Metropark

Sophia Ng-photo

Sophia Ng

Teacher of Art

Qualification: BSc Psychology

With an unyielding passion for art, Sophia has experience of teaching and tutoring the subject in primary schools. Fluent in four languages and proficient in two more, Sophia aims to bring art to life.

Dianti Irwan-photo

Dianti Irwan

Teacher of Bahasa Malay

Qualification: BA in Malay Language & Linguistics, BA in Creative Writing, MA in Art

An experienced teacher, Dianti has worked in three international schools in Kuala Lumpur (primary and secondary), with mastery of different international curriculums (IB & English National Curriculum).

Priscilla Michael-photo

Priscilla Michael

Primary Class Teacher

Qualification: BA Teaching English as a Second Language, CELTA

A dedicated professional, with a talent for developing engaging learning environments, Priscilla has worked in different primary schools.

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