We are now a Compliance Member School of COBIS

We are now a Compliance Member School of COBIS

Council of British International Schools represents, and quality assures over 290 British international schools in 80 countries worldwide. GEMS International School Tropicana Metropark is incredibly proud to be the compliance member schools of COBIS. COBIS member schools operate within specific guidelines of ethical practice and good governance which reflect the high standards and ethos expected of a first-class British style educational system.

GEMS Early Years Welcome Savings

GEMS Early Years Welcome Savings

Early years education is essential as it is the foundation for your child's future learning and growth. To encourage parents to give their children an excellent start to their education journey, we are now offering a special welcome package for Nursery and Reception years at our school. Please contact our Enrolment team to find out more.

Changing Lives Through Education

Every day in our schools, we open young minds to ideas and possibilities. Our students’ achievements speak of our success in helping them unlock their potential. As educators, we have but one direction to move towards – from nurturing to forging futures… and beyond.

Our Vision

Globally Enlightened Motivated Students

Our Mission

Inspiring outstanding students who are safe, happy and successful

Growing by Learning

Strive to develop your potential

Pursuing Excellence

Work to exceed expectations

Leading Through Innovation

Find the courage to challenge convention

Global Citizenship

Make an active contribution to your local and global community

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